• Mining is my favorite industry. The world of mining business is so big and so small at the same time!
  • Travelling makes you happy. There are so many exceptional places at the Earth to be visited.
  • Some people need to spend more than 40 years to find their true love.
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Travelled to more than 25 countries across the world. Life is short, but I will double the list.



I can do photography and I like to do it. Not going mad with photography, I still create it professionally.



My new Summer hobby. Refreshing, but still requires certain efforts. Let's see where it leads me to...


Web Development

Something I like doing when I have some free time. Not a professional, though working projects!


My Hobbies

World Wide Web

My web projects

The below listed websites may be of a commercial nature. However, their realization has been done totally non-commercially, on a free of charge basis for my friends and family. It is a small hobby, not a business :)

    An e-commerce shop of brand garments for women. Prices are sometimes double cheaper comparing to other leading e-commerce projects in Ukraine.
    Current market of small agricultural equipment for farmers is offering low-end Chinese made equipment only. SAD-OGOROD is the only Ukrainian business offering high-end European equipment (BENASSI) and also its own attachments. The only attachments for small machinery made according to the science of agriculture.
    The best photographer in Kiev! She is mostly engaged in BEAUTY and FASHION photograpy. And I love her ;)
    Mobile cereal grain dryers. Good qualtiy, perfect product support in Ukraine!
    A database and social network of Ukrainian photomodels and photographers to find each other.


  • 日本語
  • Sports
  • Job

To pass a JLPT4 test in December 2014 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test #4).

What is JLPT?

Getting older makes us do more sport than usual...

Make my job be involved in product support or shift to agricultural products.

Curriculum Vitae Short story of my life


  • Sumitec Ukraine (since 2011) +

    A Ukrainian entity of Sumitomo Corporation, distributor of Toyota Forklifts, Komatsu Earthmoving Machinery and Bomag Compaction Equipment.
    Location: Kiev, Ukraine
    Period: Mar 2011 – present (how many years is that!?..)
    Position: Head of Sales
    Duties: Selling the World's best equipment feels good. What would it feel like, if the market recovers?!

  • Zeppelin Ukraine (2007-2011) +

    A Ukrainian entity of Zeppelin International (Switzerland/Germany). A distributor of Caterpillar and Terex Earthmoving Machinery, Metso Minerals Crushing Equipment and some famous agricultural equipment brands.
    Location: Kiev, Ukraine
    Period: Oct 2007 – Mar 2011 (3 years 6 months)
    Position: Sales Manager, Construction Equipment Department
    Duties: It was a lucky opportunity to manage the best sales team in the world! Tilting at windmills has not been omitted too.

  • Sumitec Ukraine (2005-2007) +

    A Ukrainian entity of Sumitomo Corporation, distributor of Toyota Forklifts, Komatsu Earthmoving Machinery and Bomag Compaction Equipment.
    Location: Kiev, Ukraine
    Period: Feb 2005 – Sep 2007 (2 years 8 months)
    Position: Deputy Director
    Duties: My first ever bulldozer has been sold in 2005. Since that moment, I love industrial machinery.

  • Sumitomo Corporation (1995-2005) +

    Kiev representative office of a famous Japanese trading house.
    Location: Kiev, Ukraine
    Period: Dec 1995 – Jan 2005 (9 years 2 months)
    Position: Business Development Expert
    Duties: It is hard to explain what I did here. Almost everything. Therefore, it was quite interesting job. Many new people, industries, wide knowledge.

  • Copechim Trading (1994-1995) +

    A small rep office of Swiss company involved in international trade of chemical products.
    Location: Kiev, Ukraine
    Period: Aug 1994 – Nov 1995 (1 year 4 months)
    Position: Assistant General Manager
    Duties: Who cares?.. It was too long ago!

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  • International Management Institute +

    Name: International Management Institute
    Period: 2003-2004 (2 years)
    Speciality: Executive MBA

  • Kiev Polytechnical Institute +

    New name: Kyiv Technical University
    Period: 1989-1995 (5.5 years)
    Speciality: Software Engineer, Heat and Power Systems Engineer

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PICTURES Few photography pictures